Are Amex travel credit expiry dates being extended due to Covid-19 travel restrictions?

I have an AMEX travel credit expiring next month. Any ideas on how I could use this effectively given the current situation? I generally use it for a local hotel for a stay-cation, should i just book the same as far away as possible to hope things are normalised by then. Has anyone heard any news if travel credit may be extended given lack of options to use it right now?

Got an email today RE this - looks like all unused credit it being extended:

In these uncertain and challenging times, we understand that you may not have had, or will have an opportunity to use your Travel Credit before it expires. This
is one of the most valuable benefits of your product and we want to ensure you have an opportunity to use it.

To give you one less thing to worry about, for Travel Credits expiring between
1 February 2020 and 30 June 2020 that have not been redeemed, we are extending the expiry date to 31 December 2020 . Remember you can book for travel up to 10 months in advance. There is no need for you to call or take any action, the extended expiry date will be automatically reflected in your [ online account) within the next 6 to 10 weeks. All other terms and conditions for your annual Travel Credit remain the same.

Amy Yoon

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