Are AMEX Platinum Card changes coming to Australia?

Hi guys, does anyone know if the changes described below (see link) will be applicable to Australian AMEX Platinum card holders eventually? It would be nice to have a metal card.


Maybe others will have more inside news but I personally seriously doubt there would be too big a change in the lucrative direction for customers in Australia.

Credit card in US is a totally different beast. The competition is many times more than what it is in the AU scene. In the US, Amex has to compete with CHASE and others.

Where as in AU, banks are cutting benefits (point earn rates, etc.).

I am very happy to be wrong as I am personally very envious of the US Plat Charge benefits for $450 annual fee and zero forex charges (to name a few).

I also agree a metal card would be cool too. Amex US is matching what I believe CHASE was offering last year (metal card was out of stock from popularity).