Are all banks discontinuing their complimentary credit cards with Amex?

Hi I heard that all banks are discontinuing their frequent flyer point credit cards with Amex. Is that correct? I have the diamonds rewards cards with CBA, and I have been notified that they are stopping this as if 1st November. Are their other banks that I can get frequent flyer point credit cards with complimentary Amex cards? I am hoping to get something similar to the CBA which is a VISA card plus a complimentary Amex card in order to maximize frequent flyer points.

Hi Bertrand and welcome to the PH community.

Of the four major banks, Westpac is the only one to maintain a partnership with Amex but unfortunately their card ‘bundle’ offer is not complimentary, you pay for it!

BOQ, HSBC, CITI, MACQUARIE, BANKWEST, ST GEORGE, BENDIGO, SUNCORP and ME BANK do not affiliate with Amex. so it would appear happy days are over :frowning: