Applied for ANZ Qantas Black card - need suggestions for another Qantas credit card with sign up bonus and waived 1st year annual fee

I recently took advantage of the ANZ black card that offered 75.000 points and 75 status credits which actually will get me to Platinum for the next 12 months :slight_smile:

I need at least another 50,000 - 75,000 points more and would like to know if there are any other non ANZ cards that would give these sort of points but with the first year annual fee waived?

There’s nothing else where the fee is completely waived like ANZ, but the Qantas MasterCard offers 60k points for $150, the Westpac Attitude Black offers 80k points for $195, NAB 75k points for $295, St George/Bank of Melbourne 60k points for $279 with another 30k on the anniversary. There are many other offers out there but I think these are closest to what you’re after?

Thanks - I am not sure how ANZ would respond to me cancelling the black card (having got what I need) and applying for a new (different card) directly after.

I am thinking some alarm bells might go off :slight_smile: