ANZ Qantas Black card - Can I use it to buy those Visa prepaid cards to reach minimum spend?

Hi all,

I’m just curious, currently anz offering 75,000 Qantas points with min. spend of $2500 in first 3 month. Now I don’t have much expense, so I was wondering, can I use the credit card and purchase say $500 visa pre paid credit card to accumulate the spend level and then use that $500 pre paid balance to pay off the card?

I think you mean prepaid debit card . These can be purchased only with cash, EFTPOS or bank transfer. A credit card cannot be used to purchase such prepaid card

General advice I have seen given in articles on this site (and others) means you’re in the right ball park. You do want to be buying cash-like things, but apart from the rules on prepaid VISA/MC not allowing purchase with other cards, they also come with a large fee ($5+/card).

You’d be better off trying to bring forward your spend on certain categories. Buy some supermarket vouchers from the supermarket. Supermarkets also sell vouchers for many other categories. This article has a list of vouchers that can be bought from supermarkets It was originally written for how to achieve triple points per dollar at non-supermarket retailers, but the list of vouchers is useful to your current situation I believe.

I have also helped our family members I have referred to a new card, that found themselves in your situation, by allowing them to pay bills in my name using their card, and then I’ve repaid them in cash before their card statement was due. Perhaps you have family or friends with more expenses than yourself who would allow you to do this?


Good luck!

I recently did the St George 30,000 QFF bonus offer, used the card to buy $1000 of Woolies vouchers through CashRewards (@ 5% off) and paid a year forward on my health insurance premiums. Got the points no problems.

However, you would not be able to pay your credit card statement with a gift card of any kind.