ANZ Black travel insurance cover still valid after Amex card is no longer usable?

Hi Guys, Great website

Can anyone tell me if we are covered for Travel Insurance for this October (Perth/Bali).

We booked and paid for our tickets and accommodation using our AMEX ANZ Frequent Flyer Black card, but this card is being scrapped in early August.

I have emailed the ANZ over a week ago asking this question, but still have not received a reply.

If anyone has or is in the same position and have an answer to my question it will be greatly appreciated ?

If you met the requirements before (minimum spend, return ticket etc) you should be covered as it’s still the same account. If you have time and are still in doubt, call ANZ, and ask for a certificate of insurance.

Excellent, I’ll try calling them and see how we go, cheers


I don’t think you are covered, I copied this from their PDS terms and conditions to activate insurance cover. Note the word current!

  1. Eligibility criteria
    To meet the eligibility criteria you are:
    (a) (i) a current participating card holder; or
    (ii) the spouse or child of a participating card holder who is
    on the trip with that participating card holder