ANZ Black Card 75 Qantas Status Points offer - what was your experience?

Hi everyone,

I received my anz black credit card at the end of last year. At the time it stated you receive bonus points and 75 status points if you travel on a return ticket with QF within a certain period, which I have.

I haven’t received my bonus points or status points after fulfilling the criteria.

checking the anz website for the black card it now makes no reference to any status points…

Has anyone had any experience receiving theirs and how come there is no longer any reference to status points on the ANZ website any more??


Hi there,\r\n\r\nI received my points within 4 weeks. \r\n\r\nOne thing you need to make sure of is not to include any ATO, rates are most other government payments in your calculations.\r\n\r\nJohn

Hi tigermoth,

I received the 75 status credit no problem.

Make sure your Qantas acct no. is correctly registered to the ANZ card and your Qantas flight.