Anyone recall what the Citibank Rewards credit card offer was for April 2018?

Hi All,

In April 2018 I signed up for a citi rewards credit card, as there was a promotion running. I have only got around to activating the card now, and I have realised that within all the welcome emails, there is not mention of the bonus promotion. If it helps, I know it was a reduced $199 annual fee the first year, which then increased to $395 the years after.

I believe that it was spending $3k within the first three months would earn me a certain amount of points. Would anyone recall what the exact deal was? Is it $3k within the first three months? How many points and what type of points do you earn?

On another note, I find it almost impossible get on the phone with someone at Citibank. It is all automated messages that lead you around. How do you actually register to get your points into the relevant frequent flyer account?

Thank you!

I got one, pretty sure it was spend $3000 in 90 days for bonus points.

Hi Skafhold,

“120,000 Citi Rewards points and reduced first year fee of $199 with Citi Signature Rewards Visa”

Wayback link to 21 March 2018 - >blew my mind the first time I found out about wayback.