Anyone have any recommendations for a replacement card for Qantas Amex card?

Long time reader, first-time poster. Thanks in advance for your help. I am going to switch from the Qantas Amex card, which last month downgraded its QFF-points-per-dollar. I’m keen on another card that awards Qantas points. Has anyone done this recently and if so, can you recommend which card will give the best bang for buck?

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Grateful for any help.

Both cards have a lower earning rate compared to your AMEX. If you just want high earn rate on points, the Qantas AMEX is still the best. Also, it comes with a $450 voucher that pays for its annual fee. I would just keep the card if I were you. The other’s value proposition is less attractive.

If you are just looking to snag a new bonus, you would be eligible for either card products. I like the ANZ a bit better since there is a smaller spend requirement and the annual fee is less too.

Thanks @djtech. That’s really helpful advice because I had misremembered the rate of the Qantas AMEX. I will keep that card, though I’ll also get another one for the bonus and use it until I reach the required spend requirement.

As it happens, my Qantas lounge membership has expired but a few vouchers will see me through this year’s overseas trips.