Anyone have any issues with NAB crediting Qantas signup bonus?

Just wondering if anyone else is had the below issue and if so, what steps have you taken to resolve:

  • Applied via PointsHack for the NAB QFF 115k offer and was approved
  • Completed minimum spend requirement within first statement period (ended June 2018)
  • As at September 4, 2018 am still yet to receive the points earned via spending as well as the bonus points.
  • Have lodged a complain with NAB and have been offered $1,400 in compensation as they state “loyalty program has been updated and no clear timeframe can be given as to when the points will be credited”.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated as I am flying to Africa in 10 weeks and am now having to fork out the $5,000 for the flight.

Hi jgrigor,

Please email your details to Someone from PointHacks wouls follow up.

@jgrigor, I have had the exact same issue! However have gotten no were near an offer of $1400 for compensation, the response to date has been “continue waiting and contact us (NAB) next month to seek an update”

What steps did you take to get you this far?

It would be ideal to get some kind of response from Point Hacks, even a way to reference the deal to NAB as most times I speak to them they are ‘unfamiliar’ with that deal and it has since been updated/removed from the website. Disappointing outcome from both parties, for a deal that was seen as a great collaboration and outcome for readers.

Hi - this is Keith from Point Hacks. Sorry for the delay in replying, most of our team have been travelling this week.

With this offer - yes, we are aware of a few reported cases of NAB not crediting points to frequent flyer accounts for some reason. This was raised to them through our contacts earlier this week with some details of specific customers having this problem, but we don’t have any additional info to share about what’s happening.

If anyone who has not been dealing with us through and who would like us to raise this on their behalf, please shoot us an email and we’ll do what we can. We can’t make any guarantees but are pushing NAB to find out more about what’s going on.

As you can imagine it’s really disappointing for us when readers don’t have their expectations met when working with bank partners, and especially as this offer was an exclusive to us only.

I’ll respond to some other enquiries in this Q&A as well. Thanks for your continued support, and we’ll try and help.

I have had this problem!

Called four times and last time it was escalated to the complaints team. They offered me $200 and said I would receive my months 5 September. Guess what? Still no points!

Apparently the T&Cs state we get the points 90 days after qualifying…

I am SO annoyed about this!!

I emailed my details to Point Hacks a couple of weeks ago, but still no response from NAB, so tonight I put in an Ombudsmen complaint.

Will report back on how I progress.