Anyone has complimentary virgin travel on their AMEX Platinum Edge they are not using?

Hi all

I took up a new Amex Platinum Edge card 3 months ago in April, mainly because of the complimentary return domestic flight.

I am thinking of booking a family holiday to Brisbane in January 2017.

There are 6 persons in my household.  I know I can call Amex and ask them to book the complimentary virgin flight for me.  But I still need 5 more tickets.

I hope it is okay to ask this.  Apology if this is not allowed and feel free to delete.

I am wondering if there are any Perth/WA AMEX Platinum Edge cardholders who have unused complimentary tickets they won’t be using in their cardholder year? I am happy to pay for their annual subscription fee if feasible?

Thanks in advance.