Any tips/suggestions on the best ways to use Qantas Points to fly to New York next month?

Hi Everyone,

I’m a newbie and I was hoping you may be able to help me. We are looking at flying to New York next month to celebrate my 60th birthday (ouch lol) and I’m not sure what’s the best way to use our Frequent Flyer Points to travel. I’m also curious about upgrades. I would appreciate any info you can provide me with.


Janelle :slight_smile:

Hey Janelle - can you let us know how many points you have, and with which frequent flyer programs?

Same for your credit card rewards program balances, if any…

Hi Keith,\r\nWe have 569,324 QFF Points atm. \r\nWe don’t use credit cards at all. \r\nThank you for your help \r\nCheers Janelle :slight_smile:

Hi, what city are you starting in, what dates do you want to fly (roughly) and in what class (econ, bus, first)?

Try Qantas One World multi stop. 2 airlines plus Qantas. Upto 5 stops worldwide. Only 140k points plus taxes. No city twice. No Emirates but any of the other One World parnters. Bargain! Check out Qantas website under multi-stop - despite points when you go to next page it will reduce fare to 140k.

You can also do this fare in business for 280k - but will have probs finding seats this late in the game. I’m travelling to NY in Sept and wish I knew about this deal before booking! Good luck


For business you would really need to book when the seats are released - ie 12 months out. You would be lucky to snag it any other way.