Any tips on booking more than 2 award seats to Europe?


I am planning a family trip to Europe with my wife and 2.5 yrs old kid using Qantas or Amex points.
I’ve tried few searches, but I could not find the seat availability, while there are some if I choose only 2 adults.

Does anyone have a good idea how I can accompany my kid in the trip?

Thanks in advance!



Availability of award space to EU and US is hot property so if you can find 2 business class award seats, you are one of the luckier person. That said, there are instances where you do indeed find more than 2 seats.

If you have sufficient points, you could consider securing 2 of the 3 seats with points for kid and wife. Then possibly redeeming or paying for a fully flex premium econ/economy fare for yourself. Then you would have to keep checking and see whether they release any more award business class fares. Cathay for 1 is pretty good at releasing more award space 14 days prior to departure. Once you find the 3rd seat, you can redeem then cancel the 3rd ticket once the 3rd award ticket has been confirmed.

Alternatively, you could consider flying separately (± 1 day), though that would sound very unattractive. It is a popular option for couples with 2 kids. 1 parent + 1 kid per flight.

Good luck.

I’d add that you should try the following as well.

Incorporating stopovers - in Asia, or the Middle East - as a means to find availability. You’ll have to pay more in points though.

Looking for partners that don’t appear on - primarily JAL and Malaysia Airlines. Use the BA search engine for this, or call Qantas and ask them to search those options.
Also try and ensure you are looking at Qatar flights through Doha as well - they show on but include a Doha search in your research.

Look at using points for one sector and paying for another - i.e. points Sydney - Doha - Sydney, and paid Economy Doha - Europe - Doha - the latter is a shorter flight so Economy is more bearable. You may want to incorporate a stopover if doing this to ensure no missed connections.