Any tips for meeting minimum spend for credit card bonus points?

Can anyone explain the easiest way to do the minimum spend for a credit card with would it be maybe a prepaid credit card or something like that?

Totally this missed this question. No responses until now, sorry!

My personal preference is to bring forward spend you were going to make anyway so it’s in the required period to trigger the bonus points.

There are a bunch of options to do this:

  • Book flights or accommodation (prepay instead of pay at check out) for any trips you know you need/want to book
  • Buy supermarket gift cards - e.g. Wish Cards for Woolworths, same for Coles
  • Buy gift cards for other retailers - a full list of ideas over here
  • Ask if you can pay for bigger ticket items for friends and family, e.g. bills, utilities, and have them pay you back in cash
  • If you run your own business, prepay any upcoming business expenses a bit earlier

Hopefully that triggers a few ideas.