Any suggestions on how to maximise 50K Qantas points, plus pending spend on credit card to redeem RTW business class ticket?

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to maximise this opportunity?


  1. Currently holding 50,000 Qantas FF points
  2. Will be flying Melbourne to Dallas (return, Sep16-Jan17).
  3. Expect to spend min. $3,800 on credit card.
  4. Ideally, would like to purchase a RTW ticket and upgrade wherever possible.
  1. Which points should I be looking to accumulate (velocity, Qantas, etc) i.e. which airline alliance best facilitates this situation.
  2. Should I purchase AAmiles?
  3. Should I apply for a rewards credit card to maximise points to purchase upgrade (given my guaranteed spend in next month)
  4. Potential RTW routes (Providing US first stop).
Thank you in advance to anyone who can offer any advice.


I have a similar request but for a RTW trip from Adelaide to Dallas ( Sept 17) for my wife and I with ~ 660,000 Qantas points. I’d love to do it in business class but understand you can only do so via an upgrade on paid tickets BUT as a bronze member that’s unlikely to happen.( and there’s no advantage if you are a Qantas Club member). Looking at the Qantas site, I think most of my points would be used up just paying for economy flights…

I’ve now come to realise that Qantas points, unless you are a high level member are quite inefficient. They are expensive to earn and expensive to use, as well as highly difficult to use.\r\n\r\nI think I will focus on star alliance partners now, namely Krisflyer and Velocity for better earn and more importantly more efficient spend.

It is unclear to me, are you intending to use points to upgrade? then Qantas points can only be used to upgrade on Qantas operated flights. 45000 points would get you an upgrade from east coast to LA from premium economy to business.

buying AA points depends on how you want to redeem them, if you’re buying a RTW outright then AA points could only be used to upgrade.

regarding questions 3 and 4 that depends on your personal circumstance but really shouldn’t you have preferences of where you want to go besides USA. question 4 is too generic

You need to do your research in order to establish which airline program is going to best for you to sign up to. First put together a rough itinerary and figure out where you want to fly, then do your research and figure out who flies there.

In general though I’d probably lean towards Qantas, mainly because of their partner arrangements allowing you to earn and redeem points on other airlines. Qatar and Emirates fly to a silly amount of destinations in Europe, Asia and Africa, and American Airlines have your atlantic, north and south American routes covered.

I’m with Mark, this is far too vague. 50k QFF points is actually not that much at all, so if you’re hoping to do a round the world itinerary using Dallas as the first stop and doing points redemption’s the rest of the way you have a long way to go.