Any suggestion on cheapest ways to fly business class from Sydney to Vancouver for Feb 2018?


I’m looking at departing Sydney on 18th Feb 2018 and flying to Vancouver, returning 2nd March.

Based off the United Airlines mileage website, this will cost 200,000 points each way if flying business class.

I’ve seen the United Airlines bonus points promotion - is there any way to use a different airline or fly via the states to complete this trip in under 150,000 points?

Any ideas would be appreciated


Availability is going to be the hardest thing to come by this close to departure.

Start searching mileage plus for availability around your date (they have the best *A search function). If you can find availability, then start looking to purchase points.

Have a look at the current alaska miles promotion which would allow you to fly CX to Canada @ 120K points return, which may have better availability.