Any idea if David Jones and Westpac Altitude points ever had conversion bonus offers?


I have a David jones credit card and Westpac altitude both not connected to Qantas
I do have a wad of points in both accounts.

However I go to France often (business class) on my points so I am waiting if ever do velocity ever have bonus points when transferring?

Or would other airlines be good to transfer (eg Qatar)
I have always had a hard time using points with Singapore airlines - really had to juggle to get suitable times and even then weren’t my preferred dates even though I booked 8 months in advance


Hi Christine,

Not sure if there are bonus transfers for either cards but DJs MR program is not good for transferring to Velocity as it’s only 2:1. IMO, it’s only good for DJ’s MR to transfer to SPG for stays or to a wider range of FF programs, such as AAdvantage.

With regards to Westpac, see link

Thanks guys

yes I will wait for bonus offers for my Westpac altitude card as I can wait until then (don’t need them yet and I have about 500 000 points

with my DJs card well I feel that I am paying my annual subscription so I can retain my points. I want to be closing the credit card as I don’t use it often but need to transfer my points otherwise I will lose the points

i noticed all DJs rewards conver to half Freq flyer points :frowning: which ever airline

dont usually stay at a Starwood chain so  (I am an Accor platinum member. Which I am pleased with myself once Accor had an offer 1 for 1 and a 50% bonus for Qantas. I had 50 k Accor points which converted to 75k Qantas. :frowning:

So I guess I will bite the bullet and convert to velocity just to avoid the paying of the annual fee when I rarely use this card

thanks for your help