Any general advice for my first credit card?

Hi team, I’m very new to this. I am looking to apply for a credit card through the website and am looking for some general advice (I have read over a few of the articles).

Can someone please advise me on some basics about applying for a card (probably looking at a Qantas rewards card), the must knows and what I should do when it’s coming up time to renew the credit card.

Hi and welcome,

This list is not exhaustive and not meant to be financial advice.

  • pay your monthly credit card bill in full and on time
  • meet your qualifying spend for sign up bonus
  • do not spend more than you would have without the credit card
  • keep track of when your card annual fee date is. If you don’t want to be charged the fee in your second year, cancel before this date.

Thank you so much. I’m looking at the card that’s currently advertised on the site that attracts 100k Qantas points. If I waa going to roll my points over with a new card in a years time (if there waa an offer that had a good sign on bonus) is that a simple process?

Qantas and Velocity point earning cards would send points to your membership account (Qantas/Velocity) monthly with each statement. So no issue with what you are asking about.

Bank point earning cards would have that issue and would have to be transferred out to airline programs before/upon card closure.