Any experience with the benefits/features of AMEX Platinum charge?

Hi Point Hacks Community

I just have a few question regarding the Platinum Charge that I can’t find detailed explanation in the terms and conditions

  1. Does Supplementary card members have access to centurion lounges when travelling alone?
  2. Are there still complimentary accor plus status with Platinum card?
  3. with respect to the merchants that qualify for 2 points per dollar spend, which national retailers are included?
  4. for the 300 dollar travel credit does it have to be redeemed in a single transaction?

Thanks for your time

I can only answer 2 which is no.

  1. As far as I know, supplementary card members technically do not have access. Actual experience may differ at the lounge reception.
  2. No longer offered.
  3. Travel expenses in AUD. e.g. Qantas, Virgin, Jetstar. Car rentals and hotels too I suppose.
  4. Yes. They are non-refundable too. Great use on flights as will earn status credit too.