Any experience with ANZ black credit card bonus 75 Qantas status credits being late or no 'delivery'?

Hi All,

I wanted to check if anyone has had problems receiving the bonus 75 status credits within the specified 10 weeks after travel for the ANZ frequent flyer black credit card?

I had met all the criteria and was due to receive the bonus well before the end of August cut off for my Qantas account to hit gold. It still has not arrived despite multiple people at ANZ confirming since end of July that I should have had it by now


In my experience, it takes much longer. For me, booked in February, flew in March, bonus status credits in July after several phone calls. It’s a great deal but sadly the execution and customer service experience is very poor!

I must have made 8 phone calls, nobody at ANZ seems to know what the problem is, they blame a back office. It’s disappointing that a big company can advertise this and not abide by their own T&Cs.

Regardless of who is at fault ANZ appears to be in breach of it’s T&C’s. I had an issue with NAB who were outside thee time stated in their T&C’s and escalated the dispute to their resolutions team.

They rewarded me very well for this (relatively minor) breach.

Ask them for compensation.



Update: I recommend anyone else experiencing similar issues (after 10 weeks) to leave a complaint sooner rather than later. This will save you a lot of time. The normal ANZ card resolutions team has no ability to deal with this. The complaints team will take 14 days to investigate the matter and get back to you. I now know of 3 other people  who have had the same problem. Good luck!