Any experience with Amex Platinum Edge complimentary travel insurance?

Our family (two young kids) are soon to spend three weeks in Vietnam and purchased our flights on the Amex to qualify for the international travel insurance.

Just keen to hear if people have had cause to make a claim, and if so, if it went well or any warnings we should be aware of?

NB - thanks to some work trips this year and family pooling - should easily make Gold with Virgin on this trip for the first time!

I have claimed twice using the provided AMEX Platinum insurance.

Both times I found the service to be terrible.

First time my partner hurt his back and they started a whole “well you need to prove you are partners” process. Which added time and pain to a process that was stressful enough as it was.

Response to requests are slow and very drawn out.

I needed to lodge complaints both times to get answers and any sort of decent response.

My personal advise is to look at other more responsive and attentive insurance options. My gut feeling is these guys are paid to make as many walls as they can to reduce pay outs.