Any advice on which debit card offers the best forex rates and charges overseas?


Can you advise which Debit Card offers the best ForEx rate when loading a card forgiven currencies please?

I hold a Velocity Wallet Debit Card and have loaded some NZD (fortunately not a lot) onto it and was staggered by the rate they commanded - it was way above (some 3%) what a Credit Card would use.

So if you have any tips on this I for one and perhaps others would be most grateful of your advice.

Many thanks


Hi George,

Unfortunately all travel cards charge 3-5% on majors and more on others. They are useful if you absolutely need to budget and know the exact amount of foreign you get for your AUD.

The Citibank debit visa doesnt charge any FX fees, you just pay the exchange rate that Visa uses which you can see here

This option however converts at the time of the transaction so you can’t preload NZD onto this card.


Hipe this is helpful and best travels

Thanks for the prompt response - appreciate the confirmation.



You can try the ANZ travel adventure card - it seem to have no FX fee per the website.