Any advice on Emirates Business vs First class award booking from Christchurch to Sydney?

Hi, heading over the ditch with the wife in July. Scored business tickets from Sydney to Christchurch for $550 each and have used points upgrade to First Class (only 32500 points to upgrade both of us).

On the way back I was going to use points for First Class (108,000 pts and $150 for 2 tickets), but I can currently get the Business cash fare for $980 and then an upgrade for 32,500 for both.
So if I was to use only points I would be getting 0.011c value per point ($980-150 = $830; 108,000-32500 = 75,500; 75,500pts/$830 = 0.01099)
Where if I paid for Business class and upgraded, using a value of $2000 for the First class tickets (sale fares are around $1100 each but i wouldn’t pay over $1000 each cash for this for) I would be getting 0.031c per point ($2000-980 = $1020; $1020/32,500 = 0.0314)

Firstly have I calculated the above correctly? And secondly any advice?

Points aren’t an issue, I have plenty to burn but also don’t want to waste them.

Thank you in advance.

Points aren’t an issue, I have plenty to burn

To be honest, not sure why you are asking when you say points aren’t an issue.

Although you’ve given some background, you may want to consider, are you saving your points for another trip.


FWIW, I have attempted to recalculate what you have mentioned.

$2000 is the value you put on 1 way first class for 2 passengers.

1st leg


2nd leg



That’s the simplified version. Gets a bit more complicated, if you buy business class fare and upgrade as you will earn pts and SC. Versus none if redeemed completely with pts.

So it seems that upgrades are the way to go in terms of value for pts. Assuming all the numbers I have used are for 1 way 2 passengers.