Any advice for cancelling Westpac Amex Altitude Black Cards?

It looks to me like Westpac are not treating Altitude Black cardholders fairly. First my card expires in July but they close April 4. No refund offered, just a cheaper fee on the Mastercard, next year. Second eligible for the new Amex product, but no offer of a sign up bonus, no card details including earn rates and fees etc.
Why wouldn’t I transfer out all my points, ask for a refund and apply for a new Amex card, with a sign up bonus?
Any ideas, more information or strategy suggestions?
On first look at this, its all about Westpac, nothing for the customer. I just may be making a complaint to the banking Ombudsman. Another bank rippoff?

Hi zoomzoom,
Reading between the lines you have typed, I gather you are talking about the Amex cards no longer being supported?

If so, it has been reported a couple of months ago at least. Maybe the bank did not mail something official out to you to inform you, I am not sure as I am no longer a Westpac customer.

You could try the Ombudsman but I am not sure whether you will be successful. Personally, I prefer spending my efforts on switching cards. The sooner you accept the fact that there are not much to be gain in loyalty, the better. Some loyalty programs do not reward the loyal.

I love CBA’s service but their lacklustre credit card offerings and signup offers made me look elsewhere. I still bank with CBA. I just don’t have their credit card anymore. If they give it to me for free, I will take it.

I have had credit cards with all big 4 banks in the last 24 months since pointhacking. It was emotional cancelling my CBA card but since then, every dealing with banks became purely a business (pointhacking) dealing.

Sorry for rambling on. Good luck in finding a better alternative. The points/credit card scene is ever evolving. We need to adapt to keep up.

Current Westpac Altitude black customer here, a few thoughts:

  • Westpac publicised 'closure' of Amex cards from at least mid/late November 2017 when I signed up - they mailed out info with statements also.
  • Westpac is not alone in ditching or changing AMEX cards - there'll be PH articles on the changes re: interchange fees and most banks ditching AMEX.
  • you mentioned a refund...I'm presuming on the annual fee? Sounds like you've already asked what Westpac can do for you (always worthwhile) -if there's a genuine complaint which can't be resolved with customer service, Ombudsman might assist.
  • Ombudsman won't be able to do anything if complaint is solely about Westpac changing its product offering.
  • Agree with Warren - I've found best use of time is researching new offerings; signing up for new cards (in moderation) is inveriably more rewarding from point's perspective.
  • exclusions to sign up bonuses usually apply if you had an account with same lender within last 12 months - be wary of the Ts and Cs.

It’s a great reason to cancel your card and look at other options, with sign-up bonuses. I did the same last year with ANZ.