AMEX T&C - New Customers

Hi all,

I just have a quick question regarding the definition of a 'new customer' under the AMEX terms and conditions.

Do AMEX cards issued by major banks make me an existing customer?

My situation is that I took up ANZ's recent 50,000 point bonus offer (received Visa and AMEX cards) and I am now looking to get the AMEX Platinum Edge. I am hoping that I don't have to wait 12 months to apply because I held onto of the ANZ card.

Thanks in advance  

Hi Nic,

In short, the answer is NO.  I spoke with an AMEX rep about exactly this issue and was informed that the requirement to be a new AMEX customer refers to those cards issued directly by AMEX and not the 'AMEX cards' issued by banks. 

You are still a 'new customer' for AMEX purposes.

You can double check by calling Amex on 1800 059 388.

According to the information provided to me, apply away and reap those bonuses! 

Good luck!


I can confirm what Jack is saying, not from personal experience but from the countless times I've read it in various other forums and blogs etc. Bank issued Amex don't count, you will be eligible for the bonus direct from Amex.

Agreed, but to go one further my experience is the new customer  T&C isn't enforced even on Amex issued amexs ;)

Speaking from personal experience I have received bonus points from sign-up offers even though I have held an existing amex-issued card. Anecdotal reports from other forums seem to mirror this. good luck!