Amex points doubling observations

Hi Team,
While late to the party i thought that i would share with you all what my experience has been with American Express and the upcoming changes in a hope to assist anyone else. I appreciate there has been a lot of noise around this of late.

My situation - been a platinum charge card holder for approx 8 years.
Have approx 500k amex membership reward points.

I have called amex for an explination and an understanding of the upcoming changes to which they confirmed the membership rewards points will be worth .5 their existing value (rather than 1:1, it will be 2:1 for airline transfers).

I have been advised “that i am one of the few who are selected to have their points credited by the 15th of June”. That means, that while i have 500k points now, i will have the equal amount of points credited to my account that are in there on the 14th of April thus resulting in once i transfer the “1m” points, i will end up with an equiv 1:1 transfer to airline points.

I have been told that my annual renewal and membership is happening in June, and IF i want to cancel my card - i will be still credited the points as long as i dont execute on any of the perks in June (like travel vouchers etc) and still cancel by the end of June.

I encourage you all to call amex to understand if you are in this pool of “lucky people” i do not spend anything specifically fantastic on the card and assume that if you call, you get added to the “lucky people pool”.

All the best guys.

All the people with the platinum charge card before the changes were announced were offered the doubling

Yes, most of the Platinum Charge cardholders that have held the card for more than 2/3 years (my own observation only) would have received a letter outlining the point changes and would also have an additional paragraph on the letter explaining the point protection offered.

Plenty of high spending friends that don’t have the Plat Charge but have the Explorer have rang up and ask for protection but have been refused. There are stories of the odd one or two Explorer holders that got offered protection when requested but it seems to be rare like hen’s teeth.

I applied for the charge shortly after the devaluation announcement and was offered doubling due to spend and tenure etc

Nice. Well done. I have had friends that got a flat no from Amex.

Thanks. Consider myself extremely lucky.