Amex Platinum Vs Centurion - Is a Centurion card worth it?

Hi guys,

Currently I have a Amex platinum business card card that i use to pay of almost everything.
Currently I am spending $800,000 - $900,000 a year using it for adverting, expenses and even foreign currency transfers using Amex FX.

I am thinking of asking Amex if I am eligible to get a centurion business card. I would like to get some feedback from someone that has one currently or has had one recently. I know there is a hefty fee, but is it worth it and what perks are included that don’t come with the standard platinum card.

Thanks in advance

Hi Thomas,\r\n\r\nI don’t have a Centurion card and don’t think I will be invited in the short future ;).\r\n\r\nHowever, I have a few friends that has been invited. They all spend upwards of 500k annually on their Plat Charge card. So you qualify in that front.\r\n\r\nHowever, Amex still look at other factors and I don’t think you can ask to be invited. You can always try your luck though. Amex including other major companies look at big data. They analyse your spending to evaluate the worth of you as a customer.\r\n\r\nPersonally speaking, I don’t think the Centurion is a great card for the purpose of earning points. The Centurion benefits cater more for the CEO, celebrity or high powered entrepreneur/individual who are time poor and wouldn’t blink an eye at paying premium seats, or even fly private, etc. If you are in those sort of positions, you may not need to use points to fly premium. Maybe point earning will still be a hobby but your time will usually be worth more than figuring out how best to earn 5000-10000 extra in points. \r\n\r\nAnother reason I can think of having a Centurion card is the X-factor. It is an exclusive group. It is prestigious. It is a Titanium card! It does come with a whole bunch of benefits including a dedicated Centurion Relationship Manager to handle all your Amex matters and more (maybe like a personal assistant). I suspect they would go the extra 10 miles than what the Plat team would do. If you are interested to learn more, I am sure a simple Google search would unearth some benefits and urban legends on what absurd request Centurions can ask for.\r\n\r\n*I decided to respond in a comment instead of a response to encourage any Centurions to respond.