AMEX Platinum Velocity or Platinum Edge for KrisFlyer Points

Hi Guys,

My goal is to use points to upgrade yearly International travel for the wife and I to fly Business Class.  We’re talking about going to Japan next year, so would love to accrue the upgrade points before then (somewhere between April and June).

I recently took advantage of the AMEX Platinum Velocity signup bonus to net a cool 110,000 Velocity Points.  But since using the card, I’ve noticed that the points earned on every day spend is pretty low.  The majority of the transactions I have are only getting me 1 Velocity Point per transaction, and coupled with the low transfer rate of 0.745 KrisFlyer Points for every Velocity Point I earn; it’s a pretty low point earning card.

On the other hand, I’ve been looking at the Platinum Edge card, which looks to earn 3 AMEX Points per $1 spent at Supermarkets and other spend that is more aligned with every day purchases.  I read somewhere that straight AMEX points are 1:1 when transferring to KrisFlyer; can someone confirm if this is true?  If so, I would potentially be getting 3 KrisFlyer points per $1 spent on every day stuff, as opposed to the 0.745 KrisFlyer points per $1 that I’m currently getting.

I’m wondering if there is any downside for me to switching from the Velocity Platinum to the Platinum Edge card?  Am I going to incur any fees for cancelling this so shortly after signing up for it?

Appreciate the help guys.

Hey camma… here goes on your questions:

  • Yes, Amex MR points are 1:1 to KrisFlyer
  • Your calculations on 3:1 for Supermarket spend are correct!
  • Downside - loss of any ongoing benefits (lounge passes, business class virgin airfare 2 for 1 offer, free flight) - depends how much you value these.