Amex Platinum Charge Companion Card - Which Membership Rewards Program does it credit to?

I have an AMEX Plat Charge, and recently was sent a Companion Plat Edge Card, which earns higher points per dollar at Supermarkets etc, than the Plat Charge.

But to which Membership Rewards program does is credit to? Will it still go to my Ascent Premium, or will a new Membership Rewards Account be opened for that card?

The main reason I ask is that I plan to transfer to Qantas generally, and only the Ascent Premium account allows this/

I don’t know this from personal experience, but to my knowledge the Edge Membership Rewards points are kept siloed from the Charge points balance… but have heard of some edge cases where Amex may agree to combine the two, so it is technically possible (I think). Best bet is to push and ask Amex and see what they can do (which is probably two separate balances but doesn’t hurt to ask).