Amex Local Champion - how number of transactions are calculated?

Does anybody know how Amex counts transactions for Local Champion?

Sometimes I will do multiple transactions at my local supermarket (anywhere between 2 and 15) in quick succession in one visit. Sometimes it counts all of these as separate transactions, sometimes it counts them as one, and sometimes none at all. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.

Any clues?

Hi,\r\n\r\nI had major issues with my local champion not working correctly after I changed my Qantas Premium to a Platinum Edge. I was local champion at my usual places, although I was not receiving any extra points. After complaining to Amex, and being told that my case is with ‘back of house’ and they will contact me - 6 weeks later I got a call from a manager. He informed me that the agents should have told me to de-register, and then re-register once I got my new card. Even though the app showed my Plat Edge, and showed me as local champion. Anyway, after 5000 points were awarded to me to by him, I left happy. \r\nBefore I got off the phone to him, he gave me a bit of a run down about how it works. He informed me that there is a team set up to monitor local champion, and that if they see people making multiple small $ transactions they will not be credited as ‘official’ transactions. He said this is to prevent people constantly racking up 10 - 20 transactions at their local ‘self service’ check outs. He said they get notified of suspect transaction (as in a lot of small $ transactions in quick succession) and do not count them - or count them as just 1. \r\nObviously there would be cases that slip through the cracks. \r\n\r\nPrior to finding out this info, i too used to do multiple small $ transactions in an attempt to become the local champion. Now I don’t bother, as Amex can just remove them, or not give you any extra points until they deem you have earned the ‘Local Champion’ status.\r\n\r\nJust thought i’d fill you in from my experience with this Local Champion/back of house manager.

Great answer, thank you! Will just have to keep trying.

Interesting… They always seem to be separate for me, though mine would be hours apart rather than seconds.

I also got my partner to monitor my local champion places to see how close others are getting to me…