Amex Explorer sign up bonus - 100,000 points or 110,000 points?

Hi all

second post :slight_smile: I have been reading up on the Amex Explorer 100,000 points sign up bonus but also had seen people posting about 110,000 points. Is the bonus 10,000 through a referral? So if I use Point Hacks link to sign up I will get an extra 10,000?



You get an extra 10k (totalling 110k amex gateway pts) only if you use a friend/family’s referral link.

Point Hack no longer allows posting of referral links because it got messy the last time it was allowed.

Thanks to one of the community members that provided an answer. However, the answer had to be removed because the member has also kindly provided his/her referral link.

I’m sure if you ask around your social circle enough, you should find someone with a referral link.

Good luck.