Amex David Jones card being discontinued - what should I do with my points?

Amex and DJ’s will be parting ways so the DJ Amex cards will soon be discontinued. Generally I am a Qantas flyer and have quite a few points in my QF FF account.

I don’t have the Qantas version of the DJ Amex card and QF (or other oneworld airlines) aren’t on their list of travel partners so I can’t transfer the balance of Amex Membership Rewards points to them. I would rather use the points for international bizclass/premium economy travel. Any recommendations of what’s the best way to maximise the value of them?

Not a DJ AMEX cardholder but have you been informed of the various ways to keep your balance? If you have another AMEX card (non-DJ), could you transfer the balance on your DJ card over, so that you can keep it in the AMEX family? In general, I’d try to keep it as flexible as possible.

Hi there,

If you want to stick with flying Qantas aircraft, you could transfer your Amex points to Qantas partner airlines like, Asia Miles (Cathay Pacific), Qatar’s program (available from Oct this year) and redeem Qantas flights.

Following @djtech’s response, there is usually an option to request a product transfer (e.g. to another Amex Membership Rewards pt earning card like Amex Explorer) and request your point balance be retained or transferred over. That might be an option that is attractive to you?

Thanks all - these are all good ideas. I’ll start by calling Amex to see if I can transfer to another Amex card like one of the Qantas Amex cards. They haven’t provided any guidance yet but I want to get onto it early. Asia Miles could also be an option - that looks like the only Qantas partner Amex will allow points to be transferred to.

There is Malaysia Airlines FF program but I generally wouldn’t recommend it. Worth a 2 min look to know about it. But the harsh cancellation policy is a killer for me.