Amex Complimentary Travel Insurance - is it still valid if I used Velocity points to redeem flights?

I have transferred my amex rewards points to velocity freq flyer, where I then used them (combined with points from other sources) to redeem a flight to Bangkok. Is my Amex complimentary insurance still valid given that I 'paid" for the flights with Velocity points. I suspect the answer is no but worth checking with the experts here.


Correct. Amex travel insurance doesn’t work that way. It doesn’t matter where the pts come from.

I am not familiar with travel insurance for other Amex cards but Amex Plat Charge travel insurance is ‘activated’ by paying for the tax portion of redemptions with the card.

Best to ring and ask Amex if T&C doesn’t tell you the answer or it is too much trouble to understand.

This is an extract from Amex Explorer insurance.I suspect the same applies to all their policies.

“Cover is effective when You pay the full fare for a return Trip on the
American Express Explorer™ Credit Card or with American Express
Membership Rewards® points or with Travel Credit.
The Trip must commence and end in Australia. Cover is not
activated until a return ticket has been purchased (i.e. if You only
hold a one-way ticket, You are not covered under these benefits).”