American Express-issued cards: 18-month wait, how does it work?

what’s the date that Amex counts to start counting the 18 months for eligibility for sign up bonus points?

the 18-month wait period is plastered all over Point Hacks but it’s a bit hard to know when it starts counting.

Does the 18 month count from:
A) date of issuance/activation of amex card?
B) date of cancellation of amex card?

if it’s 18 months after cancellation, and it would really suck.
the best way would be to get the bonus points and then immediately cancel it, so that you can be eligible again within 18 months.

I currently have an active amex-issued card that I activated on 25-Feb-2016.

Hi, it’s 18 months from the closing date on the last statement after the card is cancelled.

They do this to stop people reapplying every 18 months, and the sign up bonuses cost them a lot of points so they do this only to attract new customers.



Why does it suck? The 18 month rule is there for good reason… to stop people abusing the bonus offer. If you’re the type than cancels as soon as you get bonus points and reapply 18 months later I think Amex will be on to you as a non genuine customer. In other words they will look at this behaviour in assessing any new application