American Express Explorer Card - Is it easy to get approved as an existing Amex card holder?

I was interested in getting the AMEX Explorer card and already have a AMEX card with AMEX directly. Is the Explorer card hard to get approved when you already have a card with them.



Hi Phil,

There is no straight answer to this.

It really depends on your personal circumstances and how you have been using you Amex card. Put it this way, since you have been an Amex customer, they either love, hate or are ok with you. This is because they ‘know’ you and already have a relationship with you.

This question is borderline financial advice which we are not allowed to give. Hence, I am being quite general.

Another thing to bear in mind is since the recent T&C update by Amex. If you are an existing Amex issued card holder, you are not eligible for most sign up bonuses.