Am I still eligible for Citi's bonus points offers if my latest Citi card was cancelled within the last 12 months?

Hi just a question about the new citi 70000 points offer. I have read through the t&cs and can’t see anywhere information on if you have been a cardholder within the previous 12 months and would still be able to collect the bonus points. The t&cs just say it has to be a new card. As this will be a new card for me (my last Citi card was canceled 5 months ago) will I still be able to get bonus points?

No, they have and strictly enforce a 12 month requirement. As I found out recently (cancelling Emirates World and transferring to Signature).

I have better experience. I kept my signature card (which is fee free for life under a special offer) and applied (and got approved) in late 2015 for the Citi Prestige - no problem with getting the sign on bonus points. Rules may have changed but it appears they are more liberal comparing to AMEX definition.

I have an update on this. I have now received my new card and when speaking with the agent during card activation, I asked them again would I be able to get the bonus points as I have had accounts previously ? They have assured me that yes the new card I have is eligible to receive the bonus points.

A further update Have now received the bonus points.