Am I eligible for the sign up bonus points when applying for Qantas Premier Platinum Mastercard (Citi) within 8 months of closing previous Citi card?

Long time reader, first time poster. Been trying to research but couldn’t any answers so I thought I’d finally ask here. I believe that you must wait at least 12 (sometimes 18) months after closing an account if you want to get the bonus FF points awarded with (re)opening that (new) account.

I’m thinking of applying for the Qantas Premier Platinum Mastercard. However the card is provided by Citi. I had a Citi VISA card which I closed August last year (so less than a year). Given it’s the same bank but different cards (i.e. Visa vs. Mastercard), will I still be eligible for the points?

Thanks all!

Great question… I currently hold a Citibank Australia card and was thinking of picking up this one. Was curious whether I am eligible.

Also, given that is a Citi card, does the Qantas Premier Platinum card work with Apple Pay like other Citi cards?

And I really should’ve just done this earlier… doh lol. I called Qantas Money. The person I spoke to says that it’s a different card and as long as I’ve never had a Qantas Premier card before it should be fine. I didn’t ask but I’m assuming if I did as long as I’m past the wait out period I should be fine as well.

Re: your question about Apple Pay… sorry can’t help you there!

This is just my take for what it’s worth, and is in no way the same for everyone, and it may not be completely applicable to your circumstances.

Citi in my experience are one of the harder credit providers to try to work out.

I’ve previously had the Qantas Premier Platinum Credit Card and I received 75,000 QFF points as a sign-up bonus.

I then closed the card on 5/4/18.

I’ve since re-applied for it but have been refused.

The T&C state: Up to 100,000 bonus Qantas Points offer is available to new approved Qantas Premier Platinum credit card account holders who apply by 30 May 2019.

There is nothing “technically” to stop you getting the bonus sign-up points again as every application is by definition a “new” account, but in the end it is whether Citi approve you.

For what it’s worth from my understanding, you should wait 3 months with any Citi applications after you are declined before re-applying.

Then it is in the lap of the gods whether Citi approve you or not.

In the end my take is that I think it’s just an “algorithim” that will work out whether Citi accept or decline an application, and how this works is a complete unknown.

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Cheers thanks. That’s really good to know!

I’ve had a Citi card for literally 20 years before closing… they were decent and it was always my “back up card” until the fees didn’t make sense anymore.