Am I eligible for the NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Visa 115,000 Qantas Points promotion?


Sorry if this has already been covered but I couldn’t find it. I previously held a NAB card and closed it in may 2017. Am I eligible for the points hacks 115,00 bonus point special? the wording of the terms and conditions was a bit confusing so just wanted to check to avoid any unwanted surprises.


what does the Terms and Conditions actually say?

Hi jonathan,

This is my experience. I cancelled my NAB card in August 2017. I rang NAB to ask whether I am eligible (because by my reading of the T&C, briefly, I do not qualify). The agent took my customer number and looked it up. He came back and said I received my signup bonus circa March/April 2017 so I am eligible. I noted down the agent’s name, who was very helpful, and wanted to finalise my application on the spot. I said my thanks and said I will do that some other day. I wanted the PointHacks exclusive offer :wink:

So I would recommend that you check with Nab if you want to double check.