Am I eligible for the Amex signup bonus after holding bank-issued Amex (e.g. Westpac)?


Can anyone advise whether holding/having a bank-issued Amex card (e.g. Westpac Amex) makes you ineligible for bonus points offered through Amex-issued cards?

Reason being, my current Velocity Amex is about to expire. So could I:

  1. Apply for Westpac-Amex and get bonus points (subject to meeting spend)
  2. Cancel existing Velocity Amex and wait 18 months
  3. Apply for Velocity Amex (or say Amex Explorer) and get bonus points (subject to meeting spend)
  1. If you have an existing Westpac Amex and cancel it, you will have to wait out the qualifying period to be eligible for any bonus points offered by Westpac. Any other bank issued or Amex issued card will not be affected by the Westpac issued card.
  2. The American Express Velocity Frequent Flyer Card is issued by Amex and therefore any Amex issued card will only receive bonus points if outside the waiting period.
  3. The Explorer card is an Amex issued card so any bank issued card has no affect.
Check out this article


Great thanks!

Thought that was the case, just wasn’t sure given the subtly with the Westpac-issued cards.