Am I eligible for ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures sign up bonus if it has been 12 months since being a cardholder?

Hi, is anyone able to confirm that if 12 months has lapsed since I have closed this card, am I eligible for the 80k again? The reason I ask is that on the signup page, point 1 says halfway down that “This offer applies only once per eligible customer.”

TIA :slight_smile:

My take on it is, its fine if it has been 12 mths since you last held the card.

If you want to be 100% sure, ring ANZ and confirm.

Yes. Absolutely. I have had this card before. I waited 12 months and I recently applied for it again and I received the 80,000 Velocity Points. And in fact the 80,000 points came in less than the usual waiting after meeting the minimum spend.

Perfect. Thanks for the insight!