Am I eligible for ANZ credit card signup bonus points if I am an additional cardholder on my partner's card?

I would like to get a new credit card from ANZ but I’m wondering if I would be still eligible for bonus points if I already have a credit card - additional card added to my partner’s credit card?
Thank you in advance

G’day @schabior

If you’re listed as an additional cardholder on your partner’s ANZ card, then that should not preclude you from being eligible for a sign-up bonus from ANZ. However, if you applied for a joint card, then you may not be eligible. Basically, if you already own a credit card from ANZ within that particular family (most likely earning either Qantas rewards or ANZ rewards) then you won’t be eligible for any bonus point offers. Same goes for most banks, although for AMEX you can’t own any other AMEX in your name in order to be eligible

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