Am I eligible for a referral bonus if I refer someone with an existing AMEX Explorer card for a David Jones AMEX card?

I have an AMEX platinum charge card. My friend has an AMEX Explorer credit card. My friend applied for a David Jones AMEX card using my referral link. Will I get the referral bonus?

I believe you do receive referral bonus. If the referral link you sent was from your Plat Charge and your friend selected the DJ card at the bottom of the page, you should get the amount of points for a Plat Charge referral. At least that is how I understand things. It has been a while since my last referral. :grinning: You get a referral bonus regardless of whether the applicant has held an Amex card in the last 18 mths. Scrutiny on the signup bonus is mostly on the card applicant.

Your friend should receive the signup bonus too as the DJ card is treated differently.