Altitude Black Amex and Velocity vs Woolworths Petrol Discount

Thank you for reading this and thanks for your consideration. I have been trying to get my head around the most effective use of my Altitude Black rewards Amex card when buying petrol.

I have a BP Velocity rewards card and as I see it if I swipe that I get Velocity Points and if I then pay with my Altitude Black Amex I then get another allocation of points for paying with that at the higher earn rate that it offers.

The other option is Woolworths 6c a litre fuel discount. The two variables with that are that if I use Amex at Woolworths I incur a 2.5% surcharge or use the Altitude Black MasterCard and forego the surcharge and earn less points.

The maths and concepts of this are beyond me so I was hoping this knowledgable community might be able to give me some assistance. I apologize if the topic has been covered before. I have searched but can’t get quite what I want.



Check out this previous question and see whether that helps explain it a bit more.

I have not been to a Woolworths servo that charges surcharge for use of Amex. However, I have experience that at some BP and have since shunned them. You may consider doing that too :wink:

Good luck.