Advice on how to find business award seats from Perth to Athens using Asia Miles for September?

Hi Everyone,

My husband has to take annual leave this year and with work commitments it has to be after August.

I was looking to travel in September this year but I am finding it hard to get reward availability for 2 Business seats, through Asia miles.

I have the following.
211,000 Asia Miles
164,000 AMEX points (can be transferred to all programs except Qantas)
165,000 Citi Miles

Can anybody suggest other airlines to use my points on? I am very much a novice when it comes to anything other than the one world alliance.


Unfortunately September is shoulder peak and given award seats are released 11-12 months out I would say all seats are gone. In off peak some airlines release unsold seats closer to date

I have done a bit a searching and it looks like there is availability to do the following in September.

Fly Perth to London with Malaysia Airlines

Fly London to Athens with British Airways
Fly Athens to London with British Airways
Fly London to Perth with Malaysia Airlines.

As I am not using Cathay I am limited to only using 2 one world airlines under the one world multi carrier award chart.

Based on distance it will be 160,000 miles ea for business.

If I book this and then in the future more direct flights come up for example with Qatar making it only 140,000 points based on distance will the surplus miles be returned to me?