Advice needed - Credit Card and FF Program Recommendations?


Hoping for some advice on a credit card and frequent flyer program to sign up to.

  • My partner and I have recently moved to Perth, AUS yet wish to fly home regularly to Melbourne.
  • We currently bank with a small Victorian bank that is not associated with any programs.
  • We do not have any bank, frequent flyer or airline preferences. Best price / deal wins for us!
  • We are looking for a credit card / frequent flyer program that we can primarily use to fly home to Melbourne a number of times a year. The occasional FREE domestic flight would obviously be nice!
  • We do not mind paying an annual fee if the benefits of the card outweigh the costs.
  • We are a bit overwhelmed with the number of cards available and which would best suit us.
  • We intend to use the credit card as our daily user which will then be paid off come pay day each fortnight so interest rates don’t bother us.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!


Hi Trav,


Unfortunately, we cannot provide financial advice here on this website. Providing recommendations on credit card counts as financial advice.

However, I would recommend the following tips:

PHacks Link 1: Current credit card offers. Signup bonus are 1 of the quickest ways to kick start your point accumulation.

PHacks Link 2: Master Credit Card Table. You can sort this table according to your needs.

PHacks Link 3: Point Hacks email course. Free to signup. To get you hitting the ground running with Point Hacking.

Sometimes there are no major shortcuts around these things. Best to put in a bit of time to do some research on your own.

Good luck.