[Additional info] Comm Bank Ultimate Credit Card shopping-based insurances

Hi I am referring to an article by one of your authors: Evin Tan Khiew.

She reviews Comm Bank Ultimate Awards Credit Card and mentions “I would have liked to see more shopping-based insurances, such as price protection, extra warranty or damage protection”.

I would like to clarify that, I the card actually does offer the above as I have used the extra warranty feature.
This puts the card as one of the best, as when spending more than $4000 per month it is actually a free card and any perks connected with the card are actually free.

Anyone knows anything different.

Hi Mack,

That is an excellent share. Would you mind sharing where this benefit is listed on the CBA website? I’m struggling to locate this.


Please follow the PDF and it is on page 83-87. It covers both purchase security and extra warranty.

I hope that helps.

In this case, it is a card that if you spend $4000 per month, all benefits with the credit card are free.
There is no other card (or I am not familiar with another card) on this site that offers anything for free.

Many thanks. That’s a very interesting point on the card benefits. I’ll pass on the info.

@BrandonLoo , please see additional info on the CBA Ultimate card. May be worth updating the article CommBank Ultimate Awards Credit Card - Point Hacks