350k NAB rewards point - Should I transfer to Velocity or Asia Miles?

Hi all,

I have 350k NAB rewards point and I am thinking of cancelling the card and redeeming it for either Velocity or Asia Miles. Not sure yet what to use it for as I am building up my Qantas points for a round the world, so I will either use this for a shorter trip next year, or try and build up for a long trip / round the world style in 1.5-2.5 years time.

Any ideas what I should redeem?

Is there likely to be a bonus redemption point that is worth me holding on to the NAB card for a bit longer (I have 3 months only to redeem after I cancel the card)

I live in Melbourne if that makes a big difference


Are you paying the annual fee on the card?  If not, would it be better to keep the NAB points and transfer them only when you know what you’ll use them for?

Nope - but hoping to get a new NAB card for the Qantas points and thought I should cancel the card


I am not sure I can help too much here because the question is rather open.

Velocity points do not expire but Asia Miles do (after 3 years I believe - regardless of any activities).

Both FF points allow redemptions on different airlines which fly different routes. E.g. Velocity can be used on Virgin Aust, Singapore Airlines, Etihad, Delta, etc.

Asia Miles can be used on one world airlines like Qantas, Cathay, Japan Airlines, etc.

So it really depends what destination you are interested in. Shortlist a few and see what airlines fly there. Then check what points you can use to fly there. Then check how many points is required. Repeat and rinse.