Your recommendation: Cathay or Emirates to Europe?

Hi there,

I’ve homed in on a couple of options for flying from Melbourne to Europe in May/June in business. I’m not overly fussed about where I end up i.e. Oslo, Paris, Milan as I’ll be travelling around anyway.

The main options appear to be:

  1. Emirates - 777 to Dubai & a380 to EU
  2. Cathay - a350 to HK & 777 to EU

I’ve not flown in business with either airline before, most of my flights have been with Etihad, Air NZ and Virgin AU so looking to understand peoples preference and why inc. thoughts on comfort, service, lounge access etc.?

From the online reviews it appears Cathay is right up there, it also appears as though their herringbone seat layout offers a much more private experience - added bonus that there’s less $ when redeeming Cathay through Qantas.

Emirates 777 layout seems a bit odd, particularly the middle seat. With the first leg being the longer one from Melbourne to Dubai I’m leaning toward Cathay.

Appreciate preference is personal but always keen to hear the experiences and recommendations of fellow travelers.



Hi Chris,

Good question. We all want the best deal for our buck/pts.

There would be heaps of reviews on the Internet and some relevant ones on Point Hacks Business Class Reviews too. Google is your best friend.

Best to do some reading and compare which you prefer/prioritise:

Seat, Food, IFE, Ground Service, Lounge, etc.

Everyone’s priorities are different. Both airline and products are solid in my books. For Emirates MEL-DXB, if availability is there, I would try to stick with A380. However, I am sure some would prefer the 777.

These changes depending if you are travelling alone or with someone else. Whether you appreciate the bar on the A380, etc.

If others would like to chime in their views, please do.