Would you choose 14 hours in economy or 24 hours in business?

Hi All,

Just curious what you would you prefer.

Sydney to LA - 14 Hour economy


Sydney to Shanghai, shanghai to LA - 24 hours


Sydney to HK or HK to LA - 25 hour.

Curious on your thoughts.
Many thanks!

I admit, never flown Business (yet…) but I would definitely go for Business if you are not short on time.

You can have a stopover and enjoy the city (some airline provide it for free, including accommodation).

If going in Business Class, I would definitely choose a connection. In that case, I would choose to connect in Hong Kong given the smoother transit experience (not affected by protests).

It is a very interesting/debatable/subjective question/topic.

I would personally, break it up if I had the luxury of time on my side. I am now well and truly ‘spoilt’ and would struggle on a 14 hr economy flight without resorting to self medication or allowing for a day or 2 to recoup. If it was a comparison between 8 hr in economy vs 24 hr in business, it might be a much more closer match up for me.

Another factor is the airline (quality) you are flying with, the transit/stopover airport experience. E.g. if it is a mediocre airline product (Business) vs a great (Economy) product, it might swing it towards Economy.

Regardless, my vote is Business if you want to have at least some additional comfort.

I asked myself the same question, because we had reservations for business award seats on the transpacific segments of our trip from Cairns to Vancouver, with connections in Brisbane, Nadi, Los Angeles and Seattle, and no stopovers, total time close to 30 hours. Dates had to be changed, but no business awards were available for any of the potential new dates when we cancelled the booking, were credited back the miles and fees, and instead have purchased economy seats on Air New Zealand. We are hoping the single change in Auckland and the much shorter total time of 19 hr 30 min. will make the lack of comfort on the 13 hr 30 min transpacific leg more bearable. We are paying a little more to get two seats towards the back where the seating narrows from 3-4-3 to 2-4-2.

unless you plan on a stopover for a night i would go economy direct. save the money/points and use on another trip. sitting on planes for 24 hours isnt fun for anyone…no matter what class youre in

Who are the carriers? A lot depends on the airlines.