Would there be later release of more business/economy award seats from Melbourne/Sydney to Dubai for July 2020?

Hi all,

According to the Qantas website the only reward seats available from Melb/Syd to Dubai during this period are first class seats. Would it be more likely all the business/economy seats have sold out or would come online at a later date?


Hi J,

I’ve just done a search. There are plenty of business class reward seats available from both Sydney and Melbourne to Dubai in the second half of July. Here’s what I found for a Sydney to Dubai search:

Melbourne to Dubai:

However, my search was for one person. When I increased the number of travellers to 2, availability reduced drastically:

How many people are flying? If you’re trying to get more than two people on reward seats on the same flight, I don’t like your chances…

Hi again,

Sorry, I didn’t read your question properly. You’re looking at economy seats as well. And you’re right: there are none, which is strange.

I have no explanation for the fact that there are currently a fair amount of Business seats available, and even a few in First, but no economy. My guess is that sooner or later Economy seats will become available, but that’s just speculation…

That is so strange! Now of course I can see the business seats. There are also lots of economy seats too!

Thanks for your help.

Hi again,

The same thing has happened to me when searching Dubai - Melb/Syd in August. Only first class. Is it just me or would all the business seats sold out?

Hi Jaycee404,

I noticed this recently as well. It look’s like the whole economy/business seat calendar for emirates is down at the moment. As in every any route any date shows zero seats since Friday 04/10/2019. Hopefully it returns soon.